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Transmitters, pump controllers and flow meters from MJK Automation

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MJK Automation  manufactures control and measurement equipment. The control and measurement equipment from MJK Automation include level meters , pump controllers, electromagnetic flow meters , open channel flow meters & flumes, ph-redox & temperature meters, turbidity and suspended solids meters and samplers.

MJK Automation offers a full series of pressure transmitters which are designed for measuring during the worst possible conditions in waste water and water applications. The transmitters from MJK Automation are rugged are designed to handle tougher application including sludge and wastewater. MJK Automation offers a wide range of transmitters including expert hydrostatic level transmitter 700, expert log 800 transmitters, expert log 900 transmitters, expert hydrostatic level transmitters 1400, expert hydrostatic level transmitters 3400, pressure transmitter 7050, pressure transmitters 7060 and pressure transmitters 7070.

MJK Automation offers a wide range of controllers including pump controller 701, pump controller 703, pump controller 704 and pump controller 712. MJK Automation offers flow metres including magflux flow meters, flow converter 713, chatter measuring system and flumes. MJK Automation offers PH – redox & temperature including pHix compact, temperature transmitters 561, modular fittings, fittings for one electrode, insertion probes, electrodes and maintenance & cleaning system.

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