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Level metres from MJK Automation

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MJK Automation  established in 1977, is a manufacturer of control and measurement equipment for sewage plants, water works, homes and industries. The product portfolio of MJK Automation includes level meters , pump controllers, electromagnetic flow meters , open channel flow meters & flumes, ph-redox & temperature meters, turbidity and suspended solids meters , samplers, equipment for recording and indication, data collection and transmission and PC software for control and monitoring.

MJK Automation offers level metres which are offered for simple and logical functions. The level metres and transmitters from MJK Automation are used for areas requiring resistance and uninterrupted operations. The level metres from MJK Automation include on – off level metres, ultrasonic level litres, submersible pressure level metres and pump controllers meters.

MJK Automation offers float switch 7030 which are used as environmental engineering systems including sewage plants. MJK Automation offers electrode control 501 which is a simple and a favourable system for level control. The electrode control 501 from MJK Automation has a level relay for DIN rail mounting which has different levels of electrode. The electrode control from MJK Automation is mainly used for the control of pumps or for the detection of high or low level.

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