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Big savings in mill upgrade

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MIPAC has completed a paper machine system upgrade for Norske Skog 15 hours ahead of schedule, saving the newsprint producer more than $250,000 in lost production revenue at its mill in Albury, New South Wales.

Norske Skog originally selected Mipac in 2002 to upgrade all the measurement and automation systems at the mill.

This phase of the project involved replacing a number of disparate legacy systems with a single control system that automated the entire paper machine operation.

The legacy systems, each with a proprietary user interface, made it difficult for plant operators to visualise an end-to-end process. Due to unsupported equipment, this resulted in increased downtime and maintenance costs.

Following the control system upgrade, plant operators now have a single user interface with improved control strategies and alarm management.

A six-day planned shutdown was used to change over the control system on the paper machine.

As the result of Mipac’s meticulous planning and implementation, the changeover was completed well ahead of schedule.

“Mipac’s attention to detail, planning and process knowledge reduced the risks on a very complex project,” said Guy Mycroft, mill manager, Norske Skog Albury, “delivering a high-quality result on schedule.”

Mipac worked closely with Albury Mill personnel to integrate their changeover plan into the total shutdown schedule.

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