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MHE Demag Australia offer a range of crane wheels and crane wheel blocks for travelling and rolling applications. The MHE Demag Australia DRS wheel block system comes with a wide variety of perfectly matched components that will meet any requirements. 

Compact Travel Wheel Systems

  • 'Draw into' custom designs with AutoCAD drawing and detail available
  • Choose from a full range of spare parts, including replacement wheel inserts
  • High temperature options available (eg: kiln and firing applications)
  • Trouble free maintenance and replacement
  • Replacement crane wheels – fully enclosed (no open ring gearing)

Versatile DRS Wheel Block Systems

  • The right wheel blocks and drive units can be supplied for every application, tailored to meet customers' requirements
  • Optimum performance ratios for a maximum load capacity - from 2.75 tonne to 40 tonne
  • Finely graded sizes (DRS 112 to DRS 500) ensure that the right DRS wheel unit is selected for the corresponding application

Robust LRS Wheel Block Systems

  • Universal and economical crane travel wheels for the lower load range up to 6.5 tonne
  • Simple selection makes it the ideal assembly for engineers who want to build their own solution for a wide variety of travel car and material movement applications

RS Wheel Block Systems are ideal for use in aggressive environments like the chemical industry or the foodstuffs sector

  • Rapid installation and removal for all connection variants
  • Suitable for special applications in which a stainless design or a housing made of sheet steel is required, as well as for high temperature applications (up to 350 °C)

MHE Demag Australia DRS and LRS Crane Wheels and Wheel Blocks are designed for simple assembly in the facility. The varied connection possibilities also make it simple to add it to existing installations at a later date.

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