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Transaction bridge brings new opportunity

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MAINTENANCE Experts has released MEX Links, a transaction bridge between its MEX maintenance management system and any other computer application.

The bridge is a valuable tool for businesses that use MEX and other best-of-breed computer software. It automatically exchanges transactions between the applications.

The ability to share transactions significantly reduces data entry and improves data integrity.

MEX Transactions can be shared with any application that uses an ODBC compliant database. Systems using Oracle, MS SQL Server, Paradox, Sybase, MySql, MS Access, MS Excel etc are supported. Data can be sent to databases and flat files in text or ASCII format.

Examples of use include:

· Transferring purchase order and invoice transactions from MEX to an accounting system.

· Updating MEX stores data with stock transactions from an inventory management system.

· Exchanging employee time data between EasyTime in MEX and the payroll system.

· Transferring SCADA readings to the equipment readings module in MEX.

Links allows the transfer to be scheduled automatically as frequently as required. Data can be transferred between MEX to multiple sources or targets. The information in the transactions being transferred can be "mapped" between MEX and the other applications. Maintenance Experts 07 3392 4777.

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