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MEX releases the Computerised Maintenance Management Software using Microsoft’s Silverlight

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MEX is set to release its first computerised maintenance management software (CMMS) using Microsoft’s Silverlight due to the increasing need for businesses to deliver mobile device (iPad, iPhone, etc) integrating into their operations. 

Powered by the Microsoft .NET framerwork, the new Silverlight is a compatibly and interactive free web browser add-on akin to Flash or Java. MEX’s software solution offers operators the use of a “dashboard” to visually track acompany’s assets, parts, labour and maintenance needs, so Silverlight delivers quality graphic capability and compatibility with a large variety of mobile devices. 

MEX CEO Steve Nines stated that the Silverlight version of its software was the result of an extended period of research and development; “In the key industries we service, including manufacturing, mining, fleet operations, facilities, food processing and wineries, mobile devices have proliferated. In fact, worldwide mobile device sales grew 13.8% in the second quarter of 2010.  But in these environments, Flash and Java have limitations – particularly on Apple devices which don’t recognise these platforms at all. 

“What we’ve seen is that the time is right for our computerised maintenance management software to embrace Silverlight as more and more clientsare looking for enhanced visual representations of their assets and maintenance while on the move. Essentially, Silverlight enables users to enjoythe MEX solutions they’ve had on their desktop computer, on their mobile device. 

“With more than 4,500 users worldwide, we see great potential for MEX’s Silverlight products by sectors such as hotels, mine sites, resorts, theme parks, processing plants, wineries, coffee plants, cotton plantations and freight companies.” 

MEX’s computerised maintenance management software will aim to help users increase the efficiency in maintaining assets. Users will be able to record preventative maintenance, maintain work order data and scheduling, monitor labor productivity and minimise equipment downtime.

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