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MEX iOS App promotes paperless maintenance with the iPad

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MEX introduces a new app designed for tablets to be used more productively in the workplace.

Given the increasing use of tablets worldwide, the limitations of conventional desktop computers that can only be operated in the office are showing up more than ever. Tablets, on the other hand can get employees working on the go.  

The new MEX iOS App is the most recent addition to the MEX suite. The new version of the MEX iPad, iPhone and iPod app can do most of the functions of the main MEX application, but can now additionally work offline.

While most of the iPad functionality requires a live network connection to the MEX database to operate, there are functions that can operate without network connectivity in a ‘disconnected’ mode. This enables the iPad to be synchronised with the MEX database before the user leaves the network area, allowing them to continue operating with the data held on the iPad. When the user returns to an area with network connectivity, the iPad can be synchronised again and the MEX database updated with the work done while out of network range. 

This Offline Mode, along with the MEX app aims to trigger the end of paper based maintenance operations and allow for real time maintenance jobs to be performed, recorded and completed with ease.

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