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MEX computerised maintenance management system at James Cook University

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The Computerised Maintenance Management System that James Cook University (JCU) had in place had been in use for 15 years and had never achieved any results. It was expensive, confusing and not being used effectively by the staff at JCU. In simple terms no one wanted to use it because it was just too hard. For example, as stated by JCU’s Peter Twomey, “If 50 items in the plant had to have a service inspection, then 50 work orders had to be created in the old system. This was just too much paperwork to manage.”

This was a huge concern for management, with multiple campuses needing to be maintained in an effective manner and no decent control systems in place. The potential for continued deterioration and problems was evident with little control over costs and works. Peter then embarked on a mission to find a system that would fit in with the requirements of facility maintenance at JCU and allow for better management of maintenance.

JCU exhaustively reviewed 7 packages from all angles of facility and maintenance management. At each step of the process MEX kept coming up as being the best fit for the needs of the University.

MEX was adopted in 2004 as the desired solution for Maintenance Management. Including the Pocket PC software for Inspections and the online request system called MEX Ops.

The biggest part about having MEX Computerised Maintenance Management System was its simplicity. The tradesmen, contractors, staff and students can all easily use MEX with very minimal or no training required. This allows for campus wide usage of MEX with over 10,000 users of the system.

The Computerised Maintenance Management System from Maintenance Experts also has features that are now available in other CMMS packages, such as the Inpections module and the ability to link this with PDAs.

Since adopting MEX Computerised Maintenance Management System:

  • The condition of the facility has been improved and will continue to improve, with better use of money for maintenance work and a clear path for the future requirements.
  • When new areas of facilities come online, an asset audit can easily be completed with MEX. The data now takes only days to gather when it used to take months.
  • A complete history of all service work performed allows for analysis and decision making on trends with asset and plant condi¬tion. MEX has a unique feature of being able to store and report the values from every inspec¬tion performed.
  • Recommendations for the upgrade of plant equipment are common place as the material usage of facilities is continuously changed.
  • Conditional appraisal for all assets, equipment and the plant are reported on following inspections and servicing done.
  • Recommendations also can be easily made and sent to all depart¬ments about future work that is needed.

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