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MEX Computerised Maintenance Management System at Sydney Olympic Park

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Based at the Sydney 2000 Olympic site in Homebush, Sydney, the Sydney Olympic Park Sports Centre is home to numerous sporting groups. Since 2001, Sydney Olympic Park Sports Centre has been using MEX Computerised Maintenance Management System. They now have a maintenance department forward to an almost paperless operation that runs very effectively.

Sydney Olympic Park Sports Centre had already gone through two different Computerised Maintenance Management Systems that had shut up shop. So, they needed to get a system that they knew would be around for awhile. As in each case of having to change systems data would be lost. In the changeover to MEX most of the existing data from the now defunct Maintenance Management system was transferred to MEX by MEX in Brisbane. Retaining the majority of the data and instead of the initial setup of MEX taking months it took days.

One thing that they are looking forward to is the Import/Export tool, which is to be released soon by Maintenance Experts (MEX). Currently they are double entering all the purchase orders into their accounting system. This is a time consuming and ultimately an expensive task. This is due to be released by MEX in the 3rd quarter of 2008.

Sydney Olympic Park Sports Centre currently does not use any PM’s or inspections from MEX. This is because of the equipment and plant that they have to maintain is all facility fixtures and fittings and find the greatest workload comes from the work discovered each day by maintenance staff. However, they are looking into using this particular module in the future.

The greatest benefit the Sydney Olympic Park Sports Centre has achieved from the use of MEX, MEX Mobile and MEX Ops is the improvement in efficiency of their operation. From going paperless in the field to being able to easily create monthly reports has all added to a more streamlined and effective maintenance operation.

As with any maintenance management systems, if the information going in is not good then the information coming out will be the same. Here, it requires constant reminders to staff to ensure MEX Mobile units are updated and that work that is done is entered properly. Having MEX Mobile has greatly reduced the effort required to achieve this, but as with any system some management supervision is required.

MEX has always stated, along with many industry experts, that every system needs a watchdog. Someone to ensure the right data goes in and that people do their job and follow procedures. And no matter the size of operation diligence in this area is required to ensure success of a system.

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