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MEX Computerised Maintenance Management System (CMMS) at Simplot

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Simplot Australia is part of the International company JR Simplot and was founded in Australia in 1995. The Simplot Ulverstone plant produces potato based products for the frozen and fast food industries for Australia, including frozen french fries, hash browns and dehydrated potato products.

Grant Rodman, from the Simplot Ulverstone plant, used to write over 1,000 work orders a year. Over a quarter of these were Preventative Maintenance tasks, parts and requirements of each job had to be included manually. It was time consuming and there was no processed data received back from the work done, due to lack of labour and time. This was resulting in little control over expenses, very little analysis and poor recording of what was and what needed to be done. 

Maintenance Experts (MEX) were not Simplot’s first choice in a Computerised Maintenance Management System (CMMS). MEX was prejudged as a limited functionality CMMS system that could be thrown out if it was deemed impractical.

Simplot viewed MEX as being very easy to use, and liked that they could customise their work orders. No other Computerised Maintenance Management Systems allow for this range of flexibility.

Simplot ultimately needed a Computerised Maintenance Management System to work smoothly and efficiently and MEX was able to help. Work Orders were able to look the same, which made switching over from paper easy.

Nowadays, MEX has gone from being a quick introduction of a Computerised Maintenance Management System for Ulverstone the Tasmania Plant, to being used in all Simplot Plants Australia wide. The reason why is because MEX works.

MEX may be a low cost system, but it packs a lot of punch. Grant Rodman says “It is just easy to use, and makes us more efficient.“ From the humble beginnings of the purchase of MEX, it has gone on to become a standard within Simplot Australia.

The Ulverstone plant now produces 8000 work orders annually. The stores inventory of 7,800 items is predominately managed by MEX. The variance achieved at stocktake is as low as 2% and Preventative Maintenance has increased from 25% to 35%. Most importantly, management can see where maintenance money is spent and there are comprehensive records of all work done.

MEX was accepted at the Ulverstone Plant due to its ease of use and functionality.

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