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Introducing the new MEX v12.4 and FleetMEX v5.1 upgrade

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As always, it is extremely exciting to see MEX software, available from Maintenance Experts, grow with something new since MEX v12.3 and FleetMEX v5.  

After taking down all their users ideas during the last User Conference, their Research and Development department has been busy designing and writing code, the outcomes. A large emphasis has once again been placed upon making software easier than ever to use and adding in the new things that the users have asked for.

The first addition is the Project Management tool (located in the work order module of MEX and FleetMEX).  MEX has had a long history of working with project scheduling tools, starting with MS Project about 7 years ago.  This software has progressed in the new versions of MEX and FleetMEX both having an inbuilt Gantt chart project-scheduling tool.  It is simple to use and will allow for any size of project to be planned and run.  


Some features of the Project Management tool include:

  • Work Orders scheduler
  • Making a work order a successor or predecessor of another Work Orde
  • Allocate resources to each Work Order
  • Extend or decrease the working time of the Work Order
  • Work calendar (for work and non work time)
  • Drag and drop scheduling
  • Unlimited levels of hierarchy
  • Review conflicts on screen
  • And much more

The second significant addition is a new release is MEX Mobile, available as the new Version 3.  This version is a complete re-write of the 2nd version of MEX Mobile.  The Research and Development department re-wrote the version to make it easier to use and have had great success in doing so.

Over the last year Maintenance Experts have had comments about MEX Mobile (version 2) requiring too many keystrokes to perform tasks, with this in mind we started with a clean slate and went back to the basics.  The end result is a powerful hand held system that is easy to use, fast and requires no or minimal training.  

 In version 2 of MEX Mobile there was a log in requirement.  In this version they have removed the log in feature, the user just picks up the unit and start working with it. The amount of data transferred between MEX and MEX Mobile has also been greatly reduced, therefore, making synchronisations much faster.

Some of its features include:

  • 90% increase in speed of synchronisation
  • Improved workflow
  • Easier to input data
  • No log in required
  • Regionalised (so users can see their data only)

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