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Integral dust collector loading spout

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PEBCO, represented by MELPIA , has developed an integral dust collector and dustless loading spout for use in dry bulk material handling truck loading and railcar loading applications.

Previously, dust collectors were attached to the dustless loading spout in a remote location.

Loading of the truck and/or railcar was satisfactory, but the problem was how to dispose of the dust collected by the dust collector. Usually, the dust was bagged and thrown away or re-conveyed back to the process.

The integral dust collector and dustless loading spout design eliminates the problem of fugitive dust by allowing the dust to be loaded with the material.

PEBCO's new system can be used on a wide variety of materials including finished cement, alumina, calcined coke, calcined lime, all types of grain, and clay.

PEBCO specialises in the fields of moving, controlling, and loading dry bulk materials. Its resources and responsibilities include customised gates and valves, mass flow feeders, dustless loading spouts, telescopic chutes, and truck, ship and railcar loadouts.

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