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Automated train batch loading system

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article image Trains continue moving while being loaded.

PEBCO, represented in Australia by Melpia , has developed a fully automated train batch weighing and loading system.

This system has been successfully implemented on a variety of materials including coal and coke.

Trains pass through the loadout at a pre-determined steady speed and do not stop as they are being loaded. Each batch is calculated based on the maximum gross weight and the empty tare weight.

Individual car data is obtained either from a master database or via a radio frequency badge installed on each car. Actual weight loaded into each car is recorded in a database for the manifest, which is transmitted electronically for billing on completion.

The loading system structure consists of a surge bin directly over the rail loading point. The railcars are flood loaded based upon time, and a net weight is determined.

When the unit train approaches the loadout, the track scale automatically weighs each empty railcar. The entire unit train, less the locomotives, is left on the siding.

The locomotives then re-enter the main line and reattach to the last cars. The train is then loaded so that the last tare weight now becomes the first car to be loaded.

The track scale is located 1/2 car length from the loading point. Since the cars are being loaded based upon time, a key parameter is a loading system with fast acting gates and no transcient coal stored in the chute. The Uni-Load chute was chosen for these reasons.

Since the Uni-Load chute cut-off gate is located at the bottom of the chute, transcient coal is eliminated. Transcient coal often exceeds 5,000kg in conventional loading systems.

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