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Securitel panels and diallers with GSM backup from MCM Electronics

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MCM Electronics  is an Australian company which designs, manufactures and supplies a range of electronic products including diallers with GSM backup, security systems, alarm systems, access control systems, alarm panels and so on.

Some of the diallers with GSM backup provided by MCM Electronics include ICON8GSMB, ICON16GSMB, ICON16STUGSMB and GSMBU units. The ICON16GSMB diallers from MCM Electronics are built with 16 section panels, 6 areas, 80 user codes and are integrated with GSM interface which provides standby operation in case of PSTN failure. ICON16GSMB diallers are supplied in metal enclosures with tamper switch, telephone lead, resistors, compatible keypads and can be easily fit into smaller spaces such as ATMs.

MCM Electronics also provides range of Securitel panels which include ICONSTU16, ICONSTU-ATM, ICONSTU32, ICONSTU48 and range of Securitel interfaces like STU232, STUT and STU4.

The STU232 Securitel interfaces supplied by MCM Electronics reports in Securitel serial format and connect interfaces with alarm panels through RS232 communication protocol. STU232 Securitel interfaces are provided with ADSL filters and can be easily used with MCM Electronics’ ICON16/32/48 panels.

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