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Control dialler panels from MCM Electronics

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MCM Electronics  provides a range of control dialler panels which include Icon8 Control Dialler, Icon16 Control Dialler and various diallers with GSM backup. The Icon8 series of control dialler from MCM Electronics is recognized by professional installers as one of the most reliable products in the market.

Icon8 series of control diallers from MCM Electronics are based on latest microprocessor technology and provides sophisticated electronic surveillance in homes and offices.

Some of the latest features of Icon8 series control diallers include 30 User PIN Codes, partial arm, 8 programmable sections, alarm memory, panic alarm, duress code, radio remote control options and monitoring systems.

Icon8 series control diallers are provided with inbuilt automatic dialing device which easily connects the security system with remote monitoring centre and at the same time can report individual signals for section alarms, emergency alarms, panic alarms as well as power failure indication, low system voltage and automatic line tests.

Apart from standard security systems, MCM Electronics provides a range of accessories as well which include audio/video warning devices, door and window sensors, motion sensors, smoke and heat sensors.

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