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Butyl rubber products and repacking services from MCM Chemical Handling

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MCM Chemical Handling  from Australia specialises in dangerous chemicals and general goods storage, sieving, blending and crushing services. As an ISO 14000 certified company, MCM Chemical Handling strives to improve production and quality parameters while also adhering to environmental safety procedures and standards.

MCM Chemical Handling manufactures Butyl rubber in any size and consistency to suit the customer’s needs. Butyl rubber is used for numerous applications like adhesive in securing reflective cat’s eyes to roads, line marking, pipe joints sealing, welding in oil and gas pipe lines and as water stop joint sealers to prevent ingression of water.

With features like extreme weather workability, permanent bonding, anti seepage penetration, non oxidisation and non toxicity, Butyl rubber can be used for a number of applications like septic tank joints, valve joint wrapping, vacuum test leaks, box culverts, storm drains, pipe wrapping and manhole joints.

Contract repacking services provided by MCM Chemical Handling involves removing from one type of package and relocating it into another packaging type. MCM Chemical Handling also undertakes repacking of liquids and powders from bulk carriers to paper or plastic bags. Polypropylene bulk bags, buckets, pails and drums.

MCM Chemical Handling also does package weight reduction or awkwardness prevention for local dangerous goods and hazardous substances legislation norms. MCM Chemical Handling also has a variety of stock packages like bags, and pails available for dangerous and non hazardous products.

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