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M.B. Plastic Fabrications is a leading supplier of quality acrylic and other plastic components supplying Melbourne, regional Victoria and other centres. We provide our plastic expertise to assist shopfitters, architects, building developers, and companies in the display and retail industries with quality plastic design and custom fabrication.Taymar plastic products are available at MB Plastic Fabrications in different types of standard products: ... + View more


Supplier news
16/04/08 - MB Plastic Fabrications provides plastic labeling systems and electronic labeling systems which have revolutionised the way customers organise their business.
Supplier news
15/04/08 - MB Plastic Fabrications was established in the year 1982 and since then providing various plastic products which are widely used by shop lifters, interior decorators, designers, architects and sign writers.
Supplier news
14/04/08 - MB Plastic Fabrications was established 26 years ago and since then supplying quality acrylic and other plastic components throughout Melbourne, regional Victoria, Sydney and Brisbane.

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