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MAGNATTACK receival bin magnets for wineries

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Receival bin magnets from MAGNATTACK™ Global are used in wineries to protect crushers, destemmers and pumps from a variety of tramp iron contaminants.
Fencing staples, nails, wire or wear particles from harvesters can potentially damage expensive equipment such as must pumps, grape crushers and presses if they are not removed from the product. In addition to expensive repairs to the equipment, the damage can also cause loss of product and downtime, and impact production.
MAGNATTACK winery receival bin magnets greatly assist in reducing risk of damage from contaminants. Typically mounted under the outlet auger, the receival bin magnet has 3-4 magnetic 51mmØ, 10,000 gauss fingers angling down into the destemmer and is fixed on a heavy duty adjustable fitting so that the spacing can be varied to suit different outlet auger dimensions.
Grape must magnets can also be installed into the must line and are easily lifted out for cleaning. MAGNATTACK magnetic separators can also prevent costly repairs and loss of product.
MAGNATTACK Global manufactures magnetic separator units for the food industry in many configurations using only high grade Rare Earth RE80 long life magnets in the construction. Easy-Clean and Quick-Clean features are available on most equipment.

MAGNATTACK magnetic separators are manufactured in Australia and available for wineries worldwide. Application assistance is available in most situations for magnetics in grape and raw material receival locations.

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