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Sign engravers for wood, acrylic, rubber, ceramic, glass, plastis and metals from M2 Lasers
12.10.2010 - M2 Lasers' sign engravers have been specifically formulated to engrave and cut wood, acrylic signs, rubber stamps, ceramic, glass, plastics and metals.
Medical laser systems for micro-laser-welding and micro-laser-cutting from M2 Lasers
11.10.2010 - M2 Lasers have designed a range of medical lasers for micro-laser-welding and micro-laser-cutting of very small components, where repeatability and quality are paramount.
Laser safety goggles from M2 Lasers
08.10.2010 - M2's laser safety goggles have been designed to suit a broad range of applications employing coherent or non-coherent light.
EDFA Amplifiers for Telecom applications from M2 Lasers
07.10.2010 - M2 Lasers offer a complete range of EDFA Amplifiers for Telecom applications, with a number of competitive advantages including low price, compact amplifier design and small form factor.
Firescan Laser Engraver from L2 Lasers
28.09.2009 - At the JANZ NZ Jewellery Fair, M2 Lasers will be launching the new German made Firescan Laser Engraver. The Firescan is ideal for engraving text inside and outside of rings, serial numbers, hallmarks, photos and logos, on any surface.
M2 Lasers’ 7000 Series Laser Welders at IJF Jewellery Fair 09
28.09.2009 - At the IJF Jewellery Fair 09, M2 Lasers will be demonstrating the 7000 Series Laser Welder that has become so popular with jewellery workshops in Australia and NZ.
SL20 low cost bench top laser welder at Dentechno QLD 09
28.09.2009 - At Dentechno QLD 09, M2 Lasers will be demonstrating the new SL20 low cost bench top laser welder from Germany.
M2 Lasers at AUSTECH 2009
20.07.2009 - M2 Lasers Pty Ltd provides high quality industrial laser solutions, at an affordable price, with the best support service available. We specialise in laser marking, micro-welding and material proces
Low Cost Laser Marker from M2 Lasers
17.07.2009 - The new German made DPLSmart Marker from M2 Lasers offers many companies a cost-effective step into laser marking of different materials.
Industrial Laser Marking from M2 Lasers
16.07.2009 - Industrial laser marking is a rapidly growing industry. One company that has been leading the way in developing and manufacturing state-of-the-art laser marking systems is M2 Lasers German supplier,
Permanent Laser Labels from M2 Lasers
15.07.2009 - In areas where direct laser marking is not possible, the German made FOILStar 300 from M2 Lasers offers an alternative laser marking system.
Jewellery Laser Welding from M2 Lasers
02.07.2009 - Laser welding is becoming increasingly popular in Australian jewellery workshops.
Tool and mould repairs using laser welders from M2 Lasers
02.07.2009 - The 7700 Series laser welder is ideal for working on large moulds, where the laser can be moved instead of the mould.
Glasses repairs using laser welding from M2 Lasers
02.07.2009 - During the last few years, the price of many laser welding systems has decreased, making them affordable to Optical Repair workshops, Eye Glasses manufacturers and prototyping laboratories.
7700 Series LaserStar Universal Workstation welding systems available from M2 Lasers
18.06.2009 - Available from M2 Lasers, LaserStar Universal Workstation welding systems offers a comfortable, ergonomic design and ensures optimal platform flexibility for the widest range of on-site repair applications.
LIFTBoy100 laser marking system from M2 Lasers
17.06.2009 - M2 Lasers introduce the LIFTBoy100, a laser marking system that enables permanent and abrasion-resistant marking on a variety of materials.
ROTARYTable400 laser marking machine available from M2 Lasers
16.06.2009 - Available from M2 Lasers, the ROTARYTable400 is a an efficient and compact laser marking machine, suitable for permanent and abrasion-resistant marking of small and medium sized surfaces of most materials.
WorkstationPROFESSIONAL laser marking system from M2 Lasers
15.06.2009 - The WorkstationPROFESSIONAL is a compact and easily operated laser marking system available from M2 Lasers.
WorkstationCOMFORT laser marking system from M2 Lasers
12.06.2009 - The WorkstationCOMFORT laser marking system from M2 Lasers features a large manual workspace on a T-slot base plate that can support work pieces with a maximum surface of 600 mm x 400 mm.
Laser marking with the FOILStar 300, available from M2 Lasers
02.06.2009 - M2 Lasers introduce the FOILStar 300, ideal as a labelling alternative in situations where direct laser marking is not possible, but wear-resistant lettering is essential.
Laser welders and LaserStar marking and engraving systems from M2 Lasers
15.04.2008 - M2 Lasers is specialist in supplying laser equipment and provides welding contract and professional engraving service.
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