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WorkstationCOMFORT laser marking system from M2 Lasers

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The WorkstationCOMFORT laser marking system from M2 Lasers features a large manual workspace on a T-slot base plate that can support work pieces with a maximum surface of 600 mm x 400 mm. 

Depending on the focal lens and the laser system used a maximum marking area of 180mm x 180mm is available. 

Laser marking of work pieces of different heights is provided by the integrated electrically driven z-axis. The integrated preview feature of the pilot laser also offers easy x-y-positioning of the marking contents and two pilot lasers assist operators in setting the correct working distances within seconds. Valuable changeover time is saved and perfect even marking of individual parts is obtained by utilising these features.

The work space features an electrically driven door that ensures comfortable changing of work pieces.

The WorkstationCOMFORT laser marking system has been designed to meet the directives of the laser safety class 1 and can be operated with all laser systems made by ACI Laser GmbH. 

The WorkstationCOMFORT has an extended range of accessories to offer satisfactory solutions for almost all imaginable applications.

Distinguishing characteristics of the WorkstationCOMFORT:

  • Allows for permanent and abrasion-resistant marking on most materials
  • Compact device
  • Integrated electrical z-axis
  • Easy operation by a control panel
  • Integrated Focus-Finder-Function
  • Electrical driven safety door


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