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Laser welders and LaserStar marking and engraving systems from M2 Lasers

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M2 Lasers  is specialist in supplying laser equipment and provides welding contract and professional engraving service. M2 Lasers supports wide range of markets and are specialised in dental, jewellery and industrial sectors.

M2 Lasers offers quality products from LaserStar Technologies. Laser welders from M2 Lasers include BrightStar, LaserStar, LaserStar workstation and FiberStar workstation welding systems.

BrightStar welding systems are ergonomic in design. The 1000 series BrightStar workstations are available in different forms ranging from 80, 120 joule energy levels. The 7000 LaserStar workstation is available in 100 to 150 joule pulse energy output. This system emits little heat and allows the users to weld easily.

LaserStar marking and engraving systems are available in wide ranges including LaserStar marking systems, LaserStar and FiberStar marking system. Laser marking systems are resistant to abrasions, non contact and are ideal to various integration and industrial applications. FiberStars OEM marking systems are permanent laser marking system, resistant to abrasions. It has high laser beam and precision markings can be done on copper, platinum, stainless steel, carbide, aluminium materials.

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