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S 1100 roll-fast doors from M.T.I. Qualos for internal and external applications

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M.T.I. Qualos  presents the S 1100 roll-fast doors designed to deliver reliability, performance and quick access, and suitable for inside or outside use.

Featuring an opening speed of 1.1 m/sec and closing speed of 0.5 m/sec, the S 1100 roll-fast doors are designed to operate vertically. The self-supporting, easy-to-install construction consists of two side guides and an electrically powered top roller that moves the plastic fabric door curtain rapidly up or down. A control box provides operator controls, and monitors the door curtain movements and the safety features.

The S 1100 roll-fast doors incorporate galvanised, bolt-on steel sheet side frames with integral guides for the door curtain and integral sealing brushes. A flexible conduit houses the power cables while the top roll is made of precision drawn steel tube.

The roll-fast doors are supplied with a self-monitoring safety edge that reverses the door on impact in addition to an anti-crash mechanism. A safety photo electric cell mounted within the side frame prevents the door from closing if obstructed. An emergency cranking facility is also supplied for opening during power failure.

Key features of S 1100 roll-fast doors:

  • Plastic reinforced fabric door curtain 1.5mm thick, constructed in three sections and separated by aluminium wind bars
  • Transparent PVC vision panel in the centre stretches from 1400mm to 2400mm above floor
  • Aluminium bottom rail with self-monitoring safety edge and rubber seal
  • SEUSTER compact electric motor/gearbox combination ready for keying to top roller
  • Fitted with magneto-electric brake and 6 limit switches mounted directly on the shaft
  • Motor specifications are 240 V, 50 Hz, 16A with output of 0.65 kW, IP 54
  • Controller equipped with inverter to ensure fast, smooth operation on acceleration and braking
  • Pulse generator, time-delay relays or diagnostic LEDs may be connected
  • OPEN/STOP/CLOSE push buttons mounted on the face of the control box
  • Lockable mains isolator and emergency stop button also provided
  • Optional push buttons, remote control system, pull cords, radar, induction loops and airlock-type controls
  • Intermediate stop freely adjustable to suit

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