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Range of Measuring instruments and Machine tool accessories from M.T.I. Qualos

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M.T.I Qualos  was established in 1946 and later called as 'Qualos (Quality)Machine Tools. The company was founded by John LT Pring and Tod Waite, during the period of second world war. M.T.I Qualos serviced, supplied and provided extensive range of machine tool accessories during the war period.

The product range of M.T.I Qualos includes measuring instruments, machine tool accessories, spare parts for machines and see- thru doors.

The different types of measuring instruments available in M.T.I Qualos are Calibration equipments and instruments, Coordinating measuring machines, Force measurement, Gauges, Indicators, Micrometers, Miscellaneous instruments, Optical measuring, Sensor systems, Statistical process control, Surface, Form, and Contour measurement, and Vision Measuring Systems.

M.T.I Qualos offers an extensive range of Machine tool accessories. These machine tool accessories can be used in many industries for many applications. M.T.I Qualos also provides the customers with extraordinary See- Thru doors in swing, strip and roll-fast doors. The roll fast doors are available in various models like Internal, External, Internal / External, External / Internal, and Internal / Freezer. The See- Thru strip doors made of PVC offers flexible solution in different sectors like factories, shops, food processing plants, cool rooms, ware houses and so on.. The See- Thru swing doors and PVC Rolls are also available in M.T.I Qualos.

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