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KASTO bandsawing machines from M.T.I. Qualos for economical high performance cutting

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article image Outfeed side of the KASTOtwin A 2 with optional chip conveyor

In addition to supplying an extensive range of PVC strip, swing and roll fast doors, M.T.I. Qualos also distributes a wide variety of state-of-the-art precision machines and tooling. This diversified product offering includes bandsawing machines manufactured by KASTO.

Since its foundation in 1844 KASTO has developed a worldwide reputation for developing high quality bandsawing machines. Bandsaws are particularly useful for cutting curved and other irregular shapes, though they can also be used to produce straight cuts in wood, metal and a variety of other materials.

Here, we will look at several KASTO bandsawing machines available locally through M.T.I. Qualos.

KASTOtwin high performance double column bandsaws
Combining value for money and high performance, KASTOtwin double column bandsaws are used for serial cutting of light and heavy materials in solids, tubes and profiles, and are available in both fully automatic and semiautomatic versions.

They feature a ribbed steel structure for rigidity and are designed to adapt to various material types and shapes.

Frequency controlled drives for the saw band and material feed ensure an infinitely variable and precisely controlled feed. Standard pre-tensioned linear guides further enhance the precision of these machines.

The KASTOtwin A has three cutting ranges up to 400mm, while the KASTOtwin U 4 has the same cutting width in a semiautomatic version.

KASTO SBA fully hydraulic bandsawing machines
KASTO's SBA bandsawing machines are fully hydraulic, and are available in semiautomatic, fully automatic and special mitre cutting designs.

A wide selection of options can be supplied for these machines, allowing for their adaption to individual application requirements.

Designed to ensure high efficiency in any application, these options include:

  • KASTO Universal Hydraulics (UH) for constant feed speeds in the case of cutting solid material and varying feed speeds when tubes or sections are cut
  • hydraulically lifted and lowered saw heads
  • hydraulic clamping units with an infinitely variable clamping pressure regulation
  • an electrical tensioning aid and monitoring of the band tension
  • a chip removal brush with a separate drive unit; and
  • carbide-tipped band guides and adjustable band guide arms.

KASTO FUNKTIONAL M bandsawing machines

KASTO FUNKTIONAL M bandsawing machines are designed for major cutting-to-length and mitre cutting tasks. These manually operated machines can perform straight cuts and mitre cuts with tubes, structurals and solid material from (-) 45° (left) up to (+) 60° (right hand side).

They feature a large working range of 300 x 260mm, which is particularly useful for mitre cuts. Even at 60° a working range of 160x160 mm is still possible.

Length corrections are not necessary when changing the angle for a mitre cut on FUNKTIONAL M bandsaws, as the centre of rotation of the saw head is at the intersecting point of bandsaw blade and material supporting edge.

With an ergonomic support height of 950mm, these bandsaws ensure easy access and an upright working position. A spring-balanced aluminium saw head and ergonomically arranged operating grips allows for sensitive and blade saving cutting without exerting a large amount of force.

The clamping vice of these machines can be adjusted according to the shape of the work piece with just a few movements. The vice can be clamped in each position.

A chip collecting device, coolant container and coolant pump are standard accessories with FUNKTIONAL M bandsaws.

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