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High gain, medium pulse transistors

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ADVANCED Power Technology RF's Military & Aerospace Division (APT-RF) has launched a new product family of high power transistors targeting the High L-Band (1480MHz to 1650MHz) Pulsed Radar Applications.

These new products use newer chip designs and processing enhancements to offer state-of-the art performance, notably in high power and high gain over the specified frequency range with 200us pulse width and 10% duty cycle.

The High L-Band series transistors consist of three model types: 1517-20M, 1517-110M and 1517-250M which cover the frequency for High L-Band Radar Applications from 1480MHz to 1650MHz with a pulsed output power of 20W, 110W and 250W respectively.

These transistors are designed to handle medium pulse widths of 200us with a duty cycle of 10%.

The high performance, common base, class C, output stage, for example, offers unparalleled performance of 250W of peak power, 40% collector efficiency and extremely low droop, 0.5dB or less, across the 200us pulse width.

This performance is achieved with the latest APT- RF Si bipolar junction transistor high power technology.

Features of the 1517-250M include:

* Designed for High L-Band Radar Application: 1480MHz - 1650MHz

* Medium pulse format: 200us, 10%

* Excellent output power: 250W

* High power gain: 7.0dB

* Superb droop performance: 0.5dB

* Rise time: 150ns

* Collector efficiency: 40%

* Compression: in compression

* Load mismatch : VSWR 3:1

* Vcc: +40V

* Package: hermetic metal package.

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