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Welding services offered by Lybina

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Lybina , an Australian owned and operated company offers plastic fabrication and welding techniques and are specialist in handling industrial fabrication and welding at field plastic welding and factory methods.

Lybina is also involved in providing hire and repairing wide ranges of plastic welding equipment. Lybina is also involved in supplying thermoplastic welding equipment. The equipment offered by Lybina includes hot air welding guns and accessories, hot air tools, roofing and flooring hot air equipment.

Wedge welders, butt fusion hand held equipment, pipe cutters, tarpaulin hot air equipment, spark testing equipment, socket fusion hand held equipment and machines are also provided by Lybina.

The plastic welded equipment from Lybina is used in wide range of industries. The industries who use these equipment includes thermoplastic fabrication, vinyl flooring, single ply roofing, packaging, shrinking and activating, civil engineering and thermoplastic pipe work installation industries.

In house service and repair is also done by Lybina with help of wide range of spare parts. On site and in house training and product demonstration service is also provided by Lybina.

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