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Lusty EMS B-double purpose-built sliding hook loader trailers

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article image The hook-lift mechanism in operation
Australia’s leading manufacturer of tipping trailers, Lusty EMS provided a unique solution to a waste management organisation to transport waste off an island.
Tox Free Solutions Limited (Tox Free), one of the largest integrated waste management service providers in Australia offers complete integrated waste management, environmental solutions and onsite industrial services including high pressure water blasting, vacuum loading and emergency response.
Tox Free required a unique waste management solution for a landfill removal project on Curtis Island, just off the coast of Gladstone on Queensland’s central coast. The vendor was one of the world’s largest construction and engineering firms in charge of coordinating a huge LNG venture on the island and had anticipated a large amount of waste to be generated during the project.
Tox Free’s Lance McKay explained that a daily ferry was the only way to transport the waste off the island. The company’s challenge lay in transporting the maximum quantity of waste in one load per day to keep up with the large amount of waste expected to be generated by the project.
Tox Free decided to run one B-double each day to maximise their capabilities with the waste being loaded into 7.5m long, 40m³ hook bins. To ensure the bins could be loaded directly onto a trailer, the company contacted HYVA, who had dealt with similar projects before. HYVA in turn decided to partner with Lusty EMS to create the final solution.
According to Lusty EMS Sales Representative, Jason Hokianga, the trailer design needed to meet requirements such as the ability to carry two full bins at once, maintaining appropriate axle loads and staying within the legal length and weight limits.
The final outcome was a B-double with both trailers being built as sliding A-trailers, allowing the trailers to be interchangeable and also loaded from the rear. The hydraulic hook loader on each trailer can also slide to the back of the trailer to load the bin.
Tox Free has been using the new sliding hook loader B-double set for two months now with great results. The company has been able to save the extra cost of running two trucks while the operational ease with which the bins are loaded onto the trailers has been a major bonus since it allows them to load and take off within a matter of minutes.

As the Curtis Island project ramps up, Tox Free has plans to purchase another two B-double sets, which will take their capabilities to six bins per day.

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