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Portable 1200W HMI Lunar lights

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Portable, lightweight and powerful, the 1200W HMI Lunar light can be run from mains power or generator, and is mounted on a 3-metre tripod, or suspended.

The 1200W HMI lights from Lunar Lighting feature a compact design for maximum mobility and power. Suitable for emergency and rescue applications, the light is also the preferred system for localised road maintenance with its glare-free, shadowless light source.
Design highlights of the 1200W HMI Lunar lights include flexible adjustment, quick set-up, automatic voltage detection, glare-free coverage, high light output and low power draw. The high light output is equivalent to the much larger conventional lighting towers, which need to be towed and have too much glare.

The portable and lightweight tower lights can be easily carried by hand and transported in a car.

Key features of 1200W HMI Lunar lights:

  • 360º and 180º capability allows the light to be adjusted to focus in a specific direction
  • Takes only minutes to set up by moving the tower to the most advantageous position regardless of vehicle access
  • Automatic wide range voltage detection produces a flicker-free light source, which replicates the colour and intensity of daylight
  • Glare-free coverage of 3000m² with a single light
  • Light output of 110,000 Lumens
  • Duplicates daylight colour temperature
  • Clearer light with less variation and shadowing reduces eye fatigue
  • Power draw of only 5A

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