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Lunar rigid polymer HMI lights

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Lunar rigid polymer HMI lights are ideal for permanent installations such as public areas, golf courses, schools and civic areas.

Lunar rigid polymer HMI lights from Lunar Lighting are designed for lighting up large expansive areas such as a golf course or ski slope that need glare-free close-to-daylight lighting.

Recommended as permanent fixtures in public, sporting and civic areas, Lunar rigid polymer HMI lights can withstand harsh outdoor conditions and offer beam control.

The toughened polymer covering provides protection against the weather as well as vandals while the unique shape deters birds. A solid covering can be provided optionally to be placed over the light, preventing any upward exposure of light in built-up urban areas such as parklands, golf courses or sports fields.

Key benefits of Lunar rigid polymer HMI lights:

  • 2000W to 12,000W output from a single globe
  • 12,000W light produces 1,500,000 Lumens, enough to light 5-6 football fields
  • Achieves 6000º Kelvin, which replicates daylight
  • Glare-free lighting prevents eye fatigue
  • Omni-directional, diffused lighting removes most shadows

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