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Lunar lighting towers from Lunar Lighting Australasia

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The floating pink jellyfish at the Sydney Olympics opening ceremony included illuminated helium balloons that were supplied by a company called Lunar Lighting Australasia .

The Lunar Lighting Tower

Lunar Lighting Australasia’s Lunar Lights had also achieved international and national prominence three years before the 2000 Olympics, when they provided glare free night lighting for the 1997 Thredbo Landslide Rescue.

Behind the scenes, the glare-free Lunar Lights have illuminated the sets of movies such as Mission Impossible II and Babe: Pig in the City.

Lunar Lighting Australasia has invested in the development of their 12kW HMI glare free Lunar Lighting Tower. Lunar Lighting Australasia's clever lights have made an impact in the civil works, Mining and construction industries.

Lunar Lighting Australasia director George Ossolinski said he began developing the glare-free; Lunar Lighting Towers back in 2002.

George Ossolinski said, "We also have a NATO stock numbers for our Lunar Lights which enable to sell to NATO Defence Forces around the world including the US military," he said.

"The glare free 12 kW HMI Lunar Lighting Towers have 1.5 million lumen output from a single globe, duplicate daylight colour temperature, are silenced and only use 2.5 l/hr on a full load and have 250l diesel fuel tanks. The conventional lighting towers can use up to 12l/hr. The glare free light can also be diffused 360 degrees, "George said.

"That's 1.5 million lumen output from a single globe while the conventional lighting towers have only approximately 100,000 lumen out put." In addition, the Lunar Lighting Towers are glare free and that’s ideal for safety on the work site.

George said the reason for the glare free Lunar Lighting Tower's intensity is that inside its light head is a single 12,000 W HMI bulb, whereas most other towers are made up of multiple 1500W globes.

"So their lux level will always remain that of a 1500W globe, even when there are multiple globes," he said.

Another advantage of Lunar Lighting, and part of the reason they are widely used by the film producers, is that the light is not only brighter but also much whiter.

"The colour temperature of our towers is 6000 degrees Kelvin, so it duplicates daylight colour temperature," he said.

"It's a good white light; most conventional lighting towers produce an unnatural yellowish light."

George said Lunar Lighting Australasia has recently developed a backpack-mounted model.

"The BakPak Lunar Light only weighs eight kilograms and will light up an average size backyard. The lithium ion battery weighs one kilogram and it will run the light for over four hours and can be recharged."

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