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2,000W Lunar halogen lights

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The 2,000W halogen Lunar light can fit in a car boot, but expands to create 3000m², ideal for general lighting, interior maintenance, and outdoor machinery repair.

Available from Lunar Lighting , the compact 2,000W halogen lights can be operated from a tripod, fixed to equipment or machinery, or even suspended.

Powered by mains power or a small generator, the 2,000W Lunar halogen lights are ideal for film sets, events and concerts. The ability to suspend the light makes it ideal for warehousing or internal construction areas.

Weighing only 10kg, the 2,000W Lunar halogen lights allow for easy handling, transport and storage. The impact resistant road case used for transport and storage measures 1m H x 30cm W.

Key features of 2,000W Lunar halogen lights:

  • Powered by mains power or genset
  • Light head can be suspended from a ceiling/ roof/ beam
  • Can be mounted onto equipment/ machinery for mobile lighting
  • Immediate setup with 2m tripod rising to 8 metres
  • Suitable for all weather conditions
  • Easy changeover between directional and diffused 360º lighting
  • Hot restrike capability eliminates need to wait for the halogen globes to cool down before restriking
  • NATO Stock Number issued after rigorous testing 6230-66-154-6218 Part No. 2KHLL

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