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Tote –A- Lube stackable poly tanks from Lubrication Australia

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Lubrication Australia  is an Australian distributor of total lubrication management solutions and Tote –A- Lube stackable poly tanks for storing and dispensing chemicals and fluids.

Tote –A- Lube tanks from Lubrication Australia are made using high density UL rated polyethylene having V groove side walls. Tote –A- Lube tanks are available in various models ranging from 35 to 240 gallon sizes. This type of stackable poly tanks helps in dispensing and storing fluids from wide range of drums.

The 70 gallon tanks from Lubrication Australia 15w40 oil in one tank and anti freeze in the other. All these tanks weigh 35 pounds and come with interlock grooves. The 120 range of gallon tanks come in 32 inch square feet by 32 inch height. It has double top opening and it weighs 50 pounds. It has outer grooves which interlock with the grooves present in the bottom of the tank.

These stackable poly tanks are used for dispensing and storing industrial fluids, engine and specialty oil, lubricants, synthetics, hydraulic fluids, chemicals, cutting fluids, inks, dyes, oils, syrups, solutions, soaps, water, degreasers, adhesives, process treatments, anti-freeze, transmission fluid, herbicides, pesticides, food grade applications.

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