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Low Carbon Australia gets on top of rising energy costs

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According to Low Carbon Australia 's CEO, Meg McDonald, acting now on energy efficiency will help businesses improve their productivity in the face of rising electricity costs.

Ms McDonald addressed property owners and developers, architects and consulting engineers attending the Retrofitting for Energy Efficiency conference on 11 July 2012.

"A building with improved energy efficiency is easier to manage, operating costs are reduced, the value of the building is improved and it is more attractive to tenants."

"In an average building, heating, ventilation and air-conditioning is responsible for about a third of total energy use while lighting accounts for about 15 per cent.

"Building owners who have made changes have discovered the savings that can be gained. For example, energy efficient lighting systems can reduce lighting energy costs by up to 75 per cent," Ms McDonald reiterated.

Low Carbon Australia offers flexible finance to allow businesses to access the very latest low carbon technologies, with no upfront costs and repayments taken out of the savings realised from reduced energy use and operating costs.

"We help with both access to finance, and access to expertise in installation of proven energy efficient technologies, so there’s no need to delay making changes.

"Given the upward trend in energy pricing, it makes perfect business sense to look at the alternatives already available now."

Established by the Australian Government in 2010, Low Carbon Australia encourages action on energy efficiency and cost effective carbon reductions to businesses.

The organisation has partnered with major financial institutions, utility companies and local city councils in order to create a new frontier in financing that benefits Australian businesses. This includes National Australia Bank, Eureka Funds Management, Alleasing, Origin, Macquarie Bank, FlexiGroup, Melbourne City Council and City of Sydney.

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