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Providing solutions for loco springs problems

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LOVELLS Springs works with operators to solve the problems in loco springs.

The company has been suppliers to the rail industry for over 70 years, with two generations of spring makers building expertise.

This experience, which goes back to the time when the industry was a state owned enterprise, is reflected in the depth of knowledge retained by Robert Lovell and the database kept by the company.

Lovells Springs are constantly asked to provide solutions to problems operators have with loco springs.

The company has records of every spring made. Every batch number is stamped on the spring so that any problem can be identified and the reason for the problem can be analysed.

An example of Lovells Springs solving a loco springs problem involved a loco that needed to be upgraded with a 12m long bar of over 50mm.

The company had to test all the springs in the fleet of 40 for the ability to carry the specified weight/tonnage at ride height and where they failed--which is understandable after 30 years-- quote on rebuilding.

Lovells Springs is the only spring maker with a 12m long furnace in Australia.

Recently spring failures on a loco were sent to the International Spring Institute in Manchester for analysis and the report showed that track conditions were mainly to blame for the results.

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