Loscam News

Loscam appoints new President
08.07.2015 - China Merchants Loscam announces the appointment of Mr Sirin Limpaitoon as the new President of the Loscam Group of Companies.
Loscam Malaysia opens new depot in Sabah
06.07.2015 - Asia Pacific’s leading pallet pooling service provider, Loscam has opened their third depot in Malaysia.
Loscam celebrates six years of partnership with Lion Corp Thailand
01.07.2015 - Loscam announces their sixth year partnership with Lion Corporation Thailand, a prominent player in the FMCG industry.
Loscam’s IBC I8 ‘bag in a box’ system brings the latest technology to liquid logistics
26.03.2015 - Loscam has launched a new intermediate bulk container designed for the transportation of liquids.
Loscam restructures with new vice presidents
28.01.2015 - Loscam announces key appointments as part of a new structure designed to further enhance local management responsibility.
LOSCAM wins innovation award at Global Food & Beverage Summit 2014
06.11.2014 - Loscam was honoured with the ‘Best Innovation Food & Beverage Service Provider Award’ at the IMPACT CHINA: Food and Beverage Global Summit 2014.
Foodstuffs North Island and Loscam partner to enhance produce supply chain
27.03.2014 - Foodstuffs North Island has partnered with Loscam to deliver a best in class packaging solution for their fresh produce supply chain.
Loscam develops new multibottle returnable beverage tray
06.03.2014 - Loscam presents yet another breakthrough solution with the introduction of a new multi bottle returnable beverage tray.
Loscam hires produce expert Hans Wouters to drive customer solutions
24.02.2014 - Loscam announces the appointment of Hans Wouters to run its New Zealand Produce Solutions Division.
China Merchants Group Chairman sees strong potential in New Zealand market
07.02.2014 - Chairman of China Merchants Group and Loscam, Dr Fu Yuning recently visited New Zealand to meet key executives in the retail and logistics industries.
Loscam develops new, smaller store ready pallets
20.01.2014 - Loscam introduces a new range of store ready plastic display pallets featuring a smaller footprint.
Turk's Poultry Farm nominates Loscam as pallet provider
16.01.2014 - One of New Zealand’s leading poultry processors has appointed Loscam to supply managed pooled pallets across the country.
Loscam wins managed pooled pallets contract with Bed Bath & Beyond
10.12.2013 - Loscam has been appointed by Bed Bath & Beyond Ltd as its provider of managed pooled pallets across the country.
DKSH Malaysia signs up to Loscam online equipment management system
02.12.2013 - DKSH Malaysia is using the Loscam online equipment management system to streamline processes for its SAP monthly reconciliation and billing purposes.
Loscam expert addresses 13th GS1 Hong Kong Supply Chain Management Excellence Summit
18.11.2013 - Loscam General Manager - Group Business Development David Edwards recently addressed the GS1 Conference on packaging solutions.
Loscam proudly sponsors The Women’s Foundation (TWF) Leading Women Speaker Series
11.09.2013 - Leading equipment pooling solutions provider, Loscam is co-sponsoring the Leading Women in Logistics and Transport Panel on 24th September in Hong Kong.
Loscam participates in Asean Logistics & Transport Show 2013
03.09.2013 - Leading equipment pooling solutions provider, Loscam will be participating in the inaugural Asean Logistic & Transport Show 2013 in Kuala Lumpur in September.
Loscam celebrates 2nd anniversary in New Zealand
21.08.2013 - Asia Pacific’s leading pallet rental company Loscam is celebrating its second anniversary in New Zealand.
Sustainable efforts see Loscam slash waste by 65%
12.08.2013 - Loscam has been able to reduce the amount of waste going from its depots to landfill by almost half as part of a concerted company-wide effort since 2010.
Loscam presents on retail and manufacturing ready packaging
15.07.2013 - Loscam recently presented on retail and manufacturing ready packaging at the Efficient Consumer Response Conference in Bangkok, Thailand.
Loscam seeks benefits of Australian pine for Asia
21.03.2013 - Leading provider of Returnable Package Handling (RPH) solutions, Loscam is planning for significant expansion of its pallet rental business in Asia.
Loscam pallets approved for chilled and frozen operations
11.03.2013 - Loscam pallets have been approved by Progressive for their chilled and frozen business.
Customers give Loscam IBC I6 the seal of approval
13.11.2012 - Industry-leading provider of pallet and retail ready solutions, Loscam has entered the bulk containers segment with the release of the IBC I6.
China Merchants Loscam International Conference held in Melbourne
19.10.2012 - The first China Merchants Loscam International Conference was held in Melbourne in September following Loscam’s acquisition by China Merchants Group in 2010.
Loscam hires first female repairers in new Vietnam depot
16.10.2012 - Industry leading pallet and retail ready solutions provider, Loscam recently relocated its Ho Chi Minh (HCM) depot to a new facility that is scalable to cater to business growth.
Reduce transport costs and increase efficiency with pallet pooling and control services from Loscam
10.09.2012 - As a footnote to the recent discussion regarding the Australian pallet handling system, here Ferret.com.au discusses the pallet pooling and control services offered by Loscam.
Trans-Tasman movements made easier by Loscam with new pallet rental service
05.09.2012 - Leading pallet and container pooling solutions provider, Loscam recently launched a new Trans-Tasman pallet rental service between New Zealand and Australia.
Loscam to address 2012 ECR Thailand Conference
13.07.2012 - Loscam will present its innovative range of retail ready equipment solutions in a special address at ECR 2012.
LOSCAM's David Edwards speaks at AIP National Conference
25.06.2012 - David Edwards of LOSCAM addressed industry experts at the Australian Institute of Packaging National Conference.
Loscam launches new intermediate bulk containers for the food and beverage sector
12.06.2012 - Loscam has announced new IBC I6 (intermediate bulk containers) that have been designed in conjunction with leading food and beverage companies.
Minimise product handling and be environmentally conscious with Loscam pallet pooling
16.08.2011 - Loscam is helping to modernise manufacturing supply chains by promoting the use of a common pallet platform in order to minimise product handling as it moves through the supply chain.
Loscam offers Gpak G5 pallet bins for difficult to ship freight
12.07.2011 - Gpak G5 pallet bins, now supplied by Loscam, are one piece foldable units that have been designed for use with hanging garments and other irregular freight items.
Wooden pallets for Australian and Asia markets available from Loscam
08.06.2011 - Loscam offers wooden pallets that are designed for use within Australian and Asia markets.
Loscam Plastic Pallets
08.11.2010 - Loscam plastic pallets are recommended for clean room, fresh food and pharmaceutical environments because they do not absorb moisture or contaminants.
Gpak G1 storage system from Loscam
05.11.2010 - Gpak G1 storage system is designed to maximise cubic utilisation of all modes of transport.
Pallet Collars and Lids from Loscam
04.11.2010 - Loscam Pallet Collars and Lids are an ideal way of transforming pallets into containers for the movement of fragile or cartonised freight.
Produce Bins from Loscam
04.11.2010 - Loscam produce bins are manufactured up to hygienic food grade quality. They are easy to clean and they comply with OHS requirements.
Loscam steps up fight against European House Borer ( EHB )
22.07.2009 - Loscam has undertaken significant measures to prevent the spread of the European House Borer (EHB) and eradicate it from affected pallets if required.
With the help of Loscam pallets Gloria Jean’s Coffees give Australians their daily get up and go
09.07.2009 - Loscam helped Gloria Jean’s Coffees logistics upgrade from manually-written dockets to utilising the HMS pallet tracking technology.
Loscam pallets for Big W’s Warwick operation
08.07.2009 - This enormous warehousing and distribution centre, spreads across 16 acres (or 16 football fields) and employs 450 locals 24 hours a day.
DeLonghi coffee machines and Loscam pallets
08.07.2009 - DeLonghi's transition to the red pallet has been very smooth with no major hiccups.
Loscam undertakes OH&S shake-up
08.07.2009 - Loscam are aiming to ensure that the working conditions within the company’s refurbishment sites are the safest possible and also undertaking a program to ensure the quality of Loscam pallets.
Loscam celebrate 15 years of logistics service service in Asia
12.06.2009 - Loscam have grown from humble beginnings in Singapore with a single retail customer, and the firm now boasts number of pallets on hire throughout the region. Fifteen years ago, pallet pooling was a ne
Loscam announce changes to Asian management structure
11.06.2009 - Mark Daniel, MD of Loscam and Sirin Limpaitoon, MD of Loscam Asia, have announced several changes to the Asian management structure. The changes are a mix of old and new and relates to the growth of A
Brown Brothers use Loscam’s storage and transport services for wine business
05.12.2008 - Australian wine-makers, Brown Brothers, have been offering customers something different to satisfy wine enthusiasts. They have been using Loscam’s storage and transport services for more than a decade and have expressed their views on the products a
Les Brazier Special Vehicles use Gpaks from Loscam
03.12.2008 - Les Brazier Special Vehicles convert a wide range of vehicles, including the Renault Kangoos, and rename the vehicles as ‘Free Wheelers’. Les Brazier Special Vehicles approached Loscam to get a stillage to store the removed parts.
Loscam align with Orica Consumer Products
01.12.2008 - Orica Consumer Products have developed a warehouse management system that covers product ranges for Dulux, Selleys and Yates.
Suntory use Loscam’s solution to control pallet movements
28.11.2008 - Len Reinking, Warehouse Manager at Suntory Australia’s Rosebery DC in Sydney, asked Louise Guilfoyle if Loscam could provide a better solution to assist Suntory in their endeavour to tighten the pallet movements. Loscam were helpful from the outset a
Radiata pine pallets from Loscam
22.10.2008 - From the evolution of the ‘new-gen’ pine pallet in 1993, Loscam have noticed that more customers were incorporating sustainability policies within their work practices, from the products and services they offer, through to the logistics on their ware
Debco satisfied with Loscam’s pallets
05.03.2008 - “We have been a Loscam client for about two years now,” said Bill Kikos, Debco’s Tyabb factory manager.
Pallet collars available from Loscam
20.12.2007 - Pallet collars are available from Loscam.
Pallets available from Loscam
18.12.2007 - Pallets are available from Loscam.
Simplot Bathurst uses Loscam plastic pallets
09.05.2007 - Wooden pallets are soon to be a thing of the past at Simplot’s Bathurst plant, as Loscam plastic pallets are fast taking over traditional wood storage containers used to pack canned and frozen goods.
Grove uses Loscam bulk bins to store fruits
07.05.2007 - Grove draws fruit up to a radius of about 2000km of this building. The majority of it comes from the Riverina region, with some fruit coming out of Mildura. A limited quantity comes from Queensland and it is a short season.
Plastic mega bins available from Loscam
04.05.2007 - Loscam looks after Rinaland Investments, one of the major growers, packers and suppliers of pumpkins, butternut and watermelons in the MIA.
Parmalat uses Loscam’s pine pallets
03.05.2007 - Loscam was supplying hardwood pallets, but the advent of pine pallets, had been a big improvement because they were lighter and so allowed transport of more product.
Casella Estate Wines uses Loscam pallets
03.05.2007 - Australia’s major wine exporter to the United States relies on Loscam.
General Mills uses wooden pallets from Loscam
02.05.2007 - General Mills has been using Loscam wooden pallets for distribution of food.
Kailis & France uses Loscam’s plastic pallets and HMS systems
01.05.2007 - Loscam provides Kailis & France with plastic pallets and bins used to house the raw materials that Kailis & France use in manufacture.
Benara Nursery utilises Loscam pallets
01.05.2007 - When Benara Nursery was established in WA in 1963, little was known that 40 years later, it would become one of the major wholesale nurseries in Australia, boasting two sites in Australia and one in Indonesia.
Nolan Interstate Transport utilises Loscam plastic bins
30.04.2007 - Nolan Interstate Transport services between 50 and 60 growers in the Lockyer, and the Loscam bins have been accepted well.
Bickford Australia signs partnership with Loscam
27.04.2007 - According to Bickford Australia, the relationship it has with Loscam, and has been forged over many years. Bickford's Australia finds the Loscam people have a personal approach that just cannot be bettered.
Repco Distribution uses Loscam’s Hire Management System
27.04.2007 - Repco Distribution uses Loscam’s HMS, as pallet accounting can be messy. Repco Distribution has found the company pretty easy to get along with and hoping the next step is scanning the pallets instead of counting them.
Baxter Healthcare uses Loscam wooden pallets
26.04.2007 - Baxter was one of Loscam’s first customers, and has been with the company for over 15 years. The health care company uses in excess of 600 wooden pallets a day at the Toongabbie site, and in addition, has customer facing warehouse and distribution op
Loscam pallets
25.04.2007 - Some of the classic brands marketed and distributed by Funtastic include Spider- Man, Bratz, Thomas the Tank Engine, Bob the Builder, and The Wiggles. But with all his depth of building skills and common sense, Bob would not make it out of the Funtas
CMTP on Loscam’s pallet
25.04.2007 - CMTP down in Colac, Victoria, is Loscam’s principal wooden pallet supplier, and for 20 years, it has been stencilling the Loscam name on thousands of pallets.
Gazal Apparel uses Loscam pallets
25.04.2007 - Gazal Apparel has been using Loscam pallets for about nine years and uses around 1,000 pallets a month, a figure that is grown three-fold over the past eight years.
Bulla Dairy Foods uses Loscam pallets in a wide range
24.04.2007 - Bulla has been a long-established client of Loscam, opening their original account in October 1987.
Premium quality pallets from Loscam
23.04.2007 - Loscam supplies The Warehouse group of discount stores with premium quality pallets which are often used as part of an in-store display when merchandising stock.
Simplot’s Kelso plant uses Loscam plastic pallets
23.04.2007 - Kelso has an incoming freezer which holds about 900 pallets and an outgoing freezer which holds about 400 pallets, and for packaging, it is close to 1000 pallets. Out of Kelso’s dispatch door, it has five to six fully-laden freezer trucks going to Sy
Loscam pallets used by Hawkins Road Transport and Blenners Transport of Brisbane
19.04.2007 - Loscam pallets are used to carry the produce south to the markets, and this is done via refrigerated vans as far away as Perth.
Pallet pooling in Asia by Loscam
04.12.2006 - With operations recently established in China and Vietnam, Loscam now has pallet pools in seven key Asian economies, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam and China (Hong Kong and Shanghai). Additional new market entries are
Packaging requirements
14.07.2006 - Packaging and customer requirements may change from time to time, and whether for export or the local market, Loscam is able to meet these challenges by understanding its customers business. Winery Vasse Felix is very happy with Loscam.
Turning a pallet into a container
07.07.2006 - Loscam's Pallet Collar Surrounds and Lids turn a pallet into a container. There is more than one use for a Loscam Wooden pallet. Winery Cape Mentelle has been with Loscam for six years because Loscam suits their present requirements, has flexibility
Responsive logistics provider
07.07.2006 - Loscam says it is a responsive, pro-active logistics provider who will take a keen interest in the client’s business. Loscam's newest Margaret River winery client is award-winning Watershed Premium Wines, given a Five Star rating in the James Hallida
Pallet and service solution
07.07.2006 - Tim Burvill owns his own brand called RockBare, and is also the Production Manager for Endeavour Vineyards. Tim Burvill recently swapped over to Loscam for his company’s pallets for a number of reasons. Tim is very happy with the service and has told
Pallet and service solution
07.07.2006 - Tim Burvill owns his own brand called RockBare, and is also the Production Manager for Endeavour Vineyards. Usually one of these roles would be enough for most people, but you come to expect that kind of intensity of commitment and interest in the w
Wooden pallets
06.07.2006 - Loscam's new generation wooden pallet provides 87% deck coverage, is 10 kilos lighter than standard hardwood pallets and can be dehired, to any Loscam depot, when they are not required.
What makes a great pallet great
16.05.2006 - CMTP in Colac, Victoria, is Loscam's principal wooden pallet supplier, and for 20 years, has been stencilling the Loscam name on thousands of pallets. Managing director Chris Meade reveals what makes a Loscam pallet a great pallet.
Organised pallet pool streamlines logistics
15.05.2006 - WHEN most people think of Indonesia, the images of Bali beaches, temples, and the recent terrible tsunami come to mind. But Indonesia is a lot more than that.
Plastic pallets and bins
12.05.2006 - WHILE Western Australia has a big reputation in the resources area, one of the great secondary industry success stories, has been that of Kailis & France, a Perth-based food company.
Freight module a ‘set-and-forget’ solution
12.05.2006 - STEGBAR has been known throughout Australia for over 50 years as the people who make windows and doors. Today the company, which is Australia-wide, not only makes timber windows and doors, but has added aluminium windows, doors, shower screens and bu
Pallet pooling is a winner in Asia
24.03.2006 - Historically, products manufactured locally in Asia and imported into countries like Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore moved as boxes or on company-owned wooden pallets. The arrival and spread of multi-national supermarket chains in the region turned
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