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Loscam 's new generation wooden pallet provides 87% deck coverage, is 10 kilos lighter than standard hardwood pallets and can be dehired, to any Loscam depot, when they are not required.

Over the past 20 years, Western Australia's Margaret River region has become a premier international tourist destination, with visitors drawn not just by the area's natural beauty, but by its fresh produce and world-class wineries. With a climate similar to the Bordeaux region of France, it was Margaret River Cabernet (winner of two Jimmy Watson Awards) which firmly put the area on the world's wine connoisseur map.

Loscam has long-standing partnerships with many of Margaret River's best known vineyards and vintners, all of which value Loscam's superior service, quality, reliability and value for money.

Voyager Estate began life as Freycinet Estate, its first vines planted in 1978. It changed its name in 1991, when current owner, Michel Wright, took over the property. Its biggest production is Sauvignon Blanc, but Voyager Estate also bottles Cabernet Merlot, Shiraz and full barrel fermented Chardonnay. This year it added Grenache to the stable. It produces some 700 tonnes of fruit and its premium varieties are exported to eight countries with the Eastern states of Australia remaining its key market.

Assistant Winemaker,Travis Lemm, talked about Voyager's association with Loscam.

"Being able to quickly hire and de-hire pallets is a major advantage for us. One phone call and the pallets are delivered pretty much the next day. "Pallet quality is also excellent and they suit the configuration of our cases. They stack well because they have a good slat width. We stack the pallets three-high without a problem," says Travis. "We used to buy our own pallets, but found it very expensive so we changed over to Loscam.”

The time that domestic market wines, such as Sauvignon Blanc, sit on the pallet is relatively brief, so it is far more economical to manage that period with Loscam, get the pallets in and distributed, then de-hire the lot. "We have also just started to use the HMS system and find it very easy to use. It provides accurate information on our account. "Overall, we're very happy with the Loscam pallets, their improved stackability and with their general performance," he concluded.

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