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With the help of Loscam pallets Gloria Jean’s Coffees give Australians their daily get up and go

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For hundreds of thousands of Aussie workers, their working day starts with a cup of Gloria Jean’s Coffee even before their first email is answered. For real coffee aficionados, the rich rewarding aroma that percolates out of Gloria Jean’s Coffees can come from the company’s renowned special espresso blend or be brewed from select whole beans including the rich Sumatra Dark Roast or very aromatic, Kenya AA.

Keeping the coffee beans flowing to stores, both here and overseas, is the job of Gloria Jean’s Coffees Logistic Manager, Malcolm Bible. Malcolm has spent the last 16 years in logistics and worked for Amcor Flexibles for a number of years.

“Gloria Jean’s Coffees has been a customer of Loscam for a number of years and they supply pallets for taking finished product to K&N. Previously, we did all of the distribution for Gloria Jean’s Coffees stores from the manufacturing facility onto pallets, into our DC and then picked and packed for distribution through the Toll network. It’s a pretty basic process, but for us, the key thing is the quality of the pallets," Bible said.

"We send a lot of product into the major supermarkets, where the quality of the pallet is a big consideration. We don’t want to have rejections of deliveries because of pallet quality. That can be a very costly process. The whole DC area is becoming more automated and the quality of the pallet is paramount to the whole process.” Malcolm elaborated that the stability of the load is another issue for Gloria Jean’s Coffees.

“The last thing we want is to have broken pallets and issues with unstable freight. Quality is of utmost importance. In the past six years, Loscam’s service has progressed both in terms of presence and customer service. “We’ve enjoyed the Loscam partnership.”

Loscam helped Gloria Jean’s Coffees logistics upgrade from manually-written dockets to utilising the HMS pallet tracking technology.

“Things like that really add value. Obviously pallets are not our core business and we need to make sure we have them under control, or it can become quite expensive. The Loscam guys have helped us with pallet reconciliations in the past and creating the environment where we have a tight control. It is critical to our business,” Biblesaid.

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