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Radiata pine pallets from Loscam

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From the evolution of the ‘new-gen’ pine pallet in 1993, Loscam have noticed that more customers were incorporating sustainability policies within their work practices, from the products and services they offer, through to the logistics on their warehouse floor. Today customers have adopted a range of accredited green initiatives and carbon offset programmes.

Previously all pallets were made of hardwood, adding considerable freight by weight costs plus with the constant increase of fuel prices, customers are now looking for more cost effective distribution options. The Loscam ‘new-gen’ radiata pine pallet is made entirely from sustainable plantation pine weighing only 42kg, which is up to 15kg lighter than a hardwood pallet, saving up to 330 kilograms on a 22 pallet truck load.

Following the introduction of their green recovery and repair initiatives, Loscam are now retaining more pallets in the supply chain process. By monitoring their pallet pool and maintaining quality control, they can ensure all pallets are tracked and accountable. They now only need to produce new pallets to meet increased demand.

Besides the weight reduction and sustainability aspect, pine is more durable and the pallets now have a consistent quality finish. With over 4 million Loscam pallets in circulation around Australia, they are continuously reducing the impact of hardwood forest degeneration and looking at new green initiatives to adopt.

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