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Plastic mega bins available from Loscam

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Loscam looks after Rinaland Investments, one of the major growers, packers and suppliers of pumpkins, butternut and watermelons in the MIA. Rinaland Investments dices beetroot, cabbage, carrots, pumpkin, spinach, onions and a host of other crops from the rich areas of the Murrumbidgee.

Rinaland Investments handled over 6 million kilos of citrus; 5 million kilos of pumpkins and about 2 million kilos of onions last year. Like all things it is not just one diced size fits all, and Rinaland Investments tailor-cuts to its customers’ requirements.

According to Loscam, it supplies wooden and plastic pallets and plastic mega bins to Rinaland Investments. Almost all of Rinaland Investments’ produce is sold to wholesalers and process manufacturers such as SPC and Campbells Soups in Shepparton and Simon George Home Fresh in Brisbane.

Loscam became a key supplier, with more than 3,000 mega bins being used each year by Rinaland Investments.

The mega bins can carry half-tonne loads and are picked up from the Loscam depot in Griffith. The mega bins are then taken to the fields where they are filled. From there the produce is transported to the process sheds where it is tipped, graded and dispatched to the processors.

Loscam’s mega bins are also used to ship the fruit and vegetables to Rinaland Investments’ customers. The business has grown considerably since Loscam became a key supplier, with more than 3,000 mega bins being used each year.

Over the years there has been a shift to a greater reliance on vented to solid plastic bins, plastic and wooden pallets and collar surrounds.

Loscam’s depot in Griffith provides a service seven days a week.

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