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Parmalat uses Loscam’s pine pallets

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To anybody born and bred in Queensland, the name Pauls is synonymous with locally manufactured milk, ice cream and dairy products.

Even after the company was purchased by the Italian-based global dairy company Finanziaria SpA in 1998 and renamed Parmalat, Queenslanders still refer to Pauls as their company.

Established back in 1923 with a factory at West End, Pauls’ present factory site in South Brisbane covers a huge area, and employs between 330 and 340 people on three shifts a day, seven days a week.

With a range of family favourite dairy products that includes Pauls, Trim and Slim, plus REV, and PhysiCAL, the company has a range of valuable brands, is the processing arm for more than 400 dairy farmers in Queensland and processes some 149 million litres of fresh milk annually.

The management of the pallet business is the responsibility of two key Parmalat executives.

For the past 13 years, Pauls then Parmalat, has used Loscam as its preferred, and sole pallet supply company. Each year, it manages some 40,000 pallets nationally.

Parmalat sends stock on Loscam pallets to Darwin in the north to Adelaide in the south, and all points in between.

All the stock goes to DCs and to agencies, or third party warehouses. The big change Parmalat has seen has been the total deregulation of the dairy industry in 1999. Traditionally, crates of product were loaded into distribution vehicles for supermarkets.

Then came the requirement to place the crates of milk onto pallets and deliver everything on pallets. Parmalat distributes dairy products from its national distribution centre at Morningside and Hendra to customers in the eastern states and SA, Tasmania and WA, and the need for pallets jumped dramatically.

When the relationship started back in 1991, Loscam was supplying hardwood pallets, but the advent of pine pallets, had been a big improvement because they were lighter and so allowed transport of more product.

The weight of the pallet has been reduced by 20kg, and because the UHT industry standard is 1200kg per pallet, the stock occupies the whole pallet.

It is critical for Parmalat’s industry to have first class pallets, and just before the Christmas period last year, Loscam delivered Parmalat brand new pallets.

Parmalat were among the first to receive them and that really helped it out over the Christmas rush. The overall quality standard of Loscam pallets has improved since the company has been put back into the hands of people who understand the business.

Parmalat is building a relationship with the new Loscam and Parmalat is looking forward to the next few years.

One of the Loscam services Parmalat is happy with is the use of HMS (Hire Management Service). Parmalat was one of the first companies in Queensland to use HMS and from Morningside it is progressed to every warehouse it has.

It transfer high volumes of pallets between sites via transport companies and direct to DCs.

Parmalat has the system in its mainframe, so it is easy to roll out to other sites.

Its staffs who control pallets say it is a lot easier to use than the old manual system and traceability is there.

Parmalat reconciles every month and the information it keys into the system is retained for future reference. It gives the ability to bring back dockets for checking purposes.

Each day between 10 and 20 semi-trailers are loaded with Pauls’ products out of the old DC’s, and on any one day, the company would have between 40 and 50 trailers on the road.

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