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Tim Burvill owns his own brand called RockBare, and is also the Production Manager for Endeavour Vineyards. Usually one of these roles would be enough for most people, but you come to expect that kind of intensity of commitment and interest in the wine industry, after you learn something of Tim's background.

"I grew up in WA and came over to study at Roseworthy College in South Australia in 1993. Growing up as a kid, all I ever wanted to be was a winemaker. I completed an Honours degree in Winemaking and then started with Penfolds (which is now part of Beringer Blass), and worked with them for five or six years. I then started my own winery in 2001, called RockBare, sourcing Chardonnay and Shiraz fruit from McLaren Vale. I also manage all the production, as well as sitting on the Board of a company called Endeavour Vineyards.

"Endeavour Vineyards has a philosophy of making wines from regions that are suited to a particular variety. So for instance, we make a Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc brand called Catalina Sounds. We've also got brands from Central Otago in NZ, the Adelaide Hills and the Yarra Valley. And then we have some very good volume brands that go to the U.S, called Jackaroo and Buckley's. These two brands represent over 100,000 cases of sales every year. And they are great for capitalising on Tim Burvill economies of scale, especially in packaging and freight forwarding."

"We recently swapped over to Loscam for our pallets, and did so for a number of reasons.”Firstly, the quality of the pallets is a hell of a lot better, and another factor was the close connection that Ashley Wright, from John Crack Freight Forwarders, had with Nicole, the Loscam representative. My business is all about relationships, and recommendations from people that I know and trust go a long way with me.

"The pricing was also below what we had been paying and the 4-way export pallets really suit our operation,” Tim said.

The company wants to do more exporting.

"We used to use export pallets and pack the wines directly into the Containers. The US, which is our major market, won't allow wood pallets coming in from other countries because of quarantine restrictions, so we have had to go to slip-sheets and it actually worked out a lot cheaper using plain export pallets.

“When you stack the normal domestic pallet, you stack with 64, but when you do a slip-sheet you stack 56, which doesn't really sit too well on a bigger pallet. It makes it hard to stack. So that configuration was an added appeal that Loscam had - pallets that are very suitable for slip-sheeting. I'm very, very happy with the service and have told a few other wineries about them."

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