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Pallet Collars and Lids from Loscam

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Loscam  Pallet Collars and Lids are an ideal way of transforming pallets into containers for the movement of fragile or cartonised freight. They eliminate the need for shrinkwrap.

Pallet Collars and Lids can be added wooden pallets easily. They can be built up to any specification using a combination of collars and lids to create shelves within the unit.

In addition, they support top-loading and are collapsible and, therefore, reduce transport and storage costs.

Features of Loscam Pallet Collars:

  • Reduce the risk of manual handling injuries
  • Collars added to standard wooden pallet
  • Turn pallets into containers
  • Lateral partitions separate products, minimise crushing and ensure security of valuable products
  • Pallet collars can be built up around product size and strong enough to support top loading

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