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Minimise product handling and be environmentally conscious with Loscam pallet pooling

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article image Loscam pallet pooling services are modernising supply chains

Loscam is helping to modernise manufacturing supply chains by promoting the use of a common pallet platform in order to minimise product handling as it moves through the supply chain. Loscam is working with both multinational and local companies to implement and manage pallet pools throughout Australia and Asia.

Locsam pallet pooling systems enable the transfer of products on pallets between trading partners, leading to increased efficiency, reduced product damage and faster cycle times, while helping to address rising supply chain and labour costs and the need for increased velocity of products from factory to consumer.

In a fully developed pallet pool, pallets are used to transfer goods right throughout the supply chain with minimal manual handling of products. Standard pallets are used right through from factory to retail store, and as the product flows through the supply chain pallets are transferred from one participants account to the next in a user pays arrangement. Loscam assumes responsibility for ensuring pallets are in optimum condition by having clients using the Loscam HMS system to record the movement of pallets.

The key benefits of Loscam pallet pooling include:

  • no capital investment required as pallets are used on a daily basis as required
  • all repairs handled by Loscam ensuring high quality pallets are available every time
  • clients simply complete Loscam transfer dockets when shipping pallets and Loscam take care of the rest
  • Loscam systems handle automatic account reconciliation and enable ad hoc reporting as required
  • Loscam can supply additional pallets quickly to meet urgent needs
  • shared pallet pools are better for the environment as overall pallet numbers are minimised and pallet components are recycled.

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