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Loscam undertakes OH&S shake-up

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Former South Australian State Manager, Paul Hallet, is now Loscam’s National OH&S Manager, responsible for not only ensuring that the working conditions within the company’s refurbishment sites are the safest possible, but also undertaking a program to ensure the quality of Loscam pallets.

“It’s a new position,“ explained Paul. “Previously, we had outside consultants assisting with this area, but our new MD Mark Daniel, has renewed our commitment that our Quality and Health and Safety, is the best in the industry and has given me that task.

“I’ve been with Loscam four years this time around and did a four-year stint with them in the late ‘90s. I cover all of Australia and I’m still based in Adelaide. In the short time I’ve been in this role, we’ve been focusing on traffic management in our yards. With forklift movements and truck loading, there is a very real safety risk. I have completed organising Sydney prior to Christmas and have recently been in Perth, then Laverton in Melbourne.”

Part of his role said Paul, was to undertake in-house training to make sure that Loscam Supervisors and workers are fully-trained in all safety areas.

“It’s an ongoing process and one that our MD is very much on board with. He’s stated there will be no compromise when it comes to OH&S. The safety and well-being of our workers is our number one priority,” said Paul.

Paul said the reaction so far had been very positive and he was receiving real cooperation from the senior managers, managers and workers at branches. “It’s been terrific. They know that this business is keen to make sure that everything we do is done the right way.”

The new Loscam State Manager for SA is Anthony Garrett.

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