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Loscam pallets used by Hawkins Road Transport and Blenners Transport of Brisbane

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In 2002 in Australia, 2100 banana growers produced nearly 171/2m thirteen kilogram cartons of bananas. The 568 growers in North Queensland supplied many of these.

Two of the better known transport companies are Hawkins Road Transport and Blenners Transport of Brisbane. Together they move a tidal wave of produce to the markets of the south.

According to Hawkins Road Transport, it has been going as a family company since 1921. Hawkins Road Transport is now into its 3rd and 4th generation of the family and Hawkins Road Transport is Queensland’s born and bred with seven depots in the state.

At present, Hawkins Road Transport runs about 85 trucks both interstate and intrastate, and besides bananas it also undertakes general and fuel transporting.

All the trucks are company-owned and Tully is the only site Hawkins transports bananas out of. Since it changed over to the Big Red, Loscam was playing a big part in the company’s banana business.

Chris Berry has been instrumental in instigating a smooth changeover, and Hawkins Road Transport’s pallet standards have improved since the move.

The pallets it has been getting are certainly of a good standard and lighter than previously, which has helped with Hawkins Road Transport’s gross weights.

Last year Hawkins Road Transport shipped out about 2.5m cartons, which are about 48,000 cartons a week. That is a lot of banana splits.

Hawkins Road Transport moves plenty of bananas through Blenners, when quizzed about the company’s affection for the banana business.

Hawkins Road Transport has been in Tully since 1988, and has depots along the far north coast at Innisfail and Cairns, as well as Brisbane. Hawkins Road Transport mainly carts bananas out of North Queensland and it runs its own vehicles. Hawkins Road Transport ships about 85,000 cartons a week and employs about 65 people across all aspects of its business.

Loscam pallets are used to carry the produce south to the markets, and this is done via refrigerated vans as far away as Perth.

Loscam was also using Blenners own pallet repair facility in Tully if the need arose. The banana industry - 95% of which grows Cavendish variety – goes throughout the year.

With the decline in prices for sugar, a lot of former sugar cane farmers, have been swinging over to bananas as a better cash crop.

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