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Loscam celebrate 15 years of logistics service service in Asia

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Loscam  have grown from humble beginnings in Singapore with a single retail customer, and the firm now boasts number of pallets on hire throughout the region. Fifteen years ago, pallet pooling was a new idea for Asia and it was hard to get customer recognition that this was a better way of moving goods. But change happened quickly in the aftermath of the Asian Financial Crisis.

According to Robert Dalziel, Chairman, Loscam, the first 15 years in Asia has been a journey in which they have played a role in the development and modernisation of supply chains across all sectors. During this period they have worked with many of their customers on a continuous basis and they look forward to continue doing it.

Many customers encountered financial difficulties which made Loscam open to renting pallets. The downturn also encouraged an overhaul of the logistics systems in Asia, with an emphasis on efficiency and lower costs. Working closely with ECR, an association of trade and industry, Loscam played a major role in the introduction of logistics standards, including the use of 1m by 1.2m pallet.

The two most notable changes during Loscam’s time in Asia are an increase in the number of 3PLs operating in the region and the continuing growth of modern trade led by multinational retailers. There has also been huge growth in the manufacture of consumer goods and western packaged food, and a general increase in professionalism, in the supply chain sector.

Today, pallet pooling is an integral part of everyday business for many customers right across the region. According to Keith Dolling, Director, Logistics, Matahari Food Business, Matahari working with Loscam have helped to drive pallet pooling in Indonesia which has made centralised distribution possible and effective and provided significant benefits in supply chain efficiencies and shelf availability.

On this occasion of celebration Loscam would also like to remember two of their earliest pioneers who are no longer with them namely, Ivan Hallinan, first regional commercial manager, and Alex Ng, first country manager in Malaysia.

P&G have had a long association with Loscam in key markets in Asia. In Indonesia they were Loscam’s first customer, and there is continued collaboration on potential new markets that may require pallet pooling services.

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