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Loscam align with Orica Consumer Products

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article image Warehouse management system

Orica Consumer Products have developed a warehouse management system that covers product ranges for Dulux, Selleys and Yates.

The warehouse management system allows tracking the product inwards and outwards, right through the distribution facility.

Orica Consumer Products point out that they have a delivery profile of less frequency that achieves optimum minimum and maximum levels of stock on shelves, ensuring that customers always have stock to sell. The delivery service to customers is more programmed and scheduled.

Orica Consumer Products observe that it is vital for transport providers and pallet supply to work with them to manage the whole supply programme and its flows into their manufacturing programme.

Loscam have aligned with Orica Consumer Products’ manufacturing plants and distribution centres in each state. According to Orica Consumer Products, the supplier relationship is important at every level.

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