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Kailis & France uses Loscam’s plastic pallets and HMS systems

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While Western Australia has a big reputation in the resources area, one of the great secondary industry success stories, has been that of Kailis & France, a Perth-based food company.

In the highly-competitive food manufacturing sector, Kailis & France is a big contract manufacturer, supplying prepared and frozen meals, soups, sauces, and coated products to airlines, retail outlets and restaurants in Australia, Asia and the Middle East.

The company, which was established in 1974, had a senior management buyout in 2004, which was supported by Champ Ventures & Foundation Capital.

With more than 1,500 different ingredients being used to make its 300 varying products, good logistics and warehousing is critical to ensure a smooth flow in and out of their manufacturing premises.

According to Kailis & France, the company had been a Loscam customer since its inception, Loscam provides them with plastic pallets and bins used to house the raw materials that Kailis & France use in manufacture.

It also provides these bins to suppliers. Kailis would have somewhere in the order of 4,500 plastic pallets on account with Loscam, and the support and service it gets from State Manager is very good.

For Kailis, hygiene is a prime consideration, and Loscam ensures that after use, all the pallets it uses are washed and cleaned. Wooden pallets are a no-no because of the products Kailis makes, and it cannot afford to have any of them near its operation.

Kailis also advises its suppliers to supply them on Loscam plastic pallets as well.

Kailis food ingredients come to the busy plant from all over, and are stored in the factory on plastic pallets.

After manufacturing, the finished products are initially stored again on plastic pallets, and then taken to a third party provider who transfers the products on to wooden pallets, where they are dispatched to markets in Australia or overseas.

Kailis used Loscam's HMS system for pallet control and find it good, and Loscam's new innovation, Loscam on line, allows Kailis to have access to its account 24/7, reducing the risk of lost equipment or unnecessary hire charges.

Kailis has mapped out a pretty aggressive growth strategy over the next three years, and it envisages that it will be doubling its production requirements.

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