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General Mills uses wooden pallets from Loscam

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General Mills is a multinational food manufacturing company, with well known brands such as Latina Fresh, Dorato, Old El Paso, Betty Crocker, Pecks Paste and Van den Bergh’s. General Mills Australia has manufacturing facilities in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.

At General Mills Australia, both good manufacturing practices and HACCP are practised.

According General Mills, its goal is to eliminate wood in its factory. The risk of possible splinter contamination is unacceptable to General Mills, so it has moved to plastic pallets within its factory.

Loscam have been facilitating the shift to plastic pallets by working with General Mills’ raw material suppliers. General Mills has been using Loscam wooden pallets for distribution of food.

General Mills is receiving a high proportion of new pallets now, and that shows the investment and commitment that has been made by Loscam. Loscam recognises General Mills’ need for good quality pallets.

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