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Gazal Apparel uses Loscam pallets

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Name apparel maker relies on name pallet supplier.

According to Gazal Apparel, when your business is manufacturing garments with names like Mambo, Midford, Nautica and other brand merchandise, for Australia and New Zealand, you know the pallets you have ordered to move that stock, need to be there on time and ready to go.

Gazal Apparel looks for two things when specifying a pallet company namely delivery and standards.

If Gazal Apparel’s do not have deliveries happening, then it does not have a business. Gazal Apparel’s attitude is that it works for its customers.

If the customers are not receiving its products, they are not paying the bills. So delivery is critical to turnover.

Gazal Apparel was founded in 1957 when the company was well known as a manufacturer of men’s shirts and pyjamas. In 1990, it saw the way the garment industry was heading, and turned its attention to making private labels.

In the mid 90‘s the company invested in establishing its own brands and purchased fashion names like Mambo, Nautica, and Midford for school apparel.

The company has 17 divisions, supplying stores throughout Australia and New Zealand. In addition, it has a showcase store for Mambo in London, which has been a huge hit for the manufacturer.

According to Gazal Apparel, the company had been using Loscam pallets for about nine years and uses around 1,000 pallets a month, a figure that is grown three-fold over the past eight years.

Gazal Apparel expected to see the business doubling over the next five years, and naturally, that growth would require additional pallets to move merchandise.

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